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Sky has been in a coma for two months after her wreck. She wakes up in a room she does not recognize with the ability to now shape shift into any form. As Sky explores this new hidden world she is now part of, she will discover that not everything is as it seems, and not everyone wants supernaturals to exist. With her growing new romance, Sky must figure out where she belongs, and why she has a target on her back.

Chapter 1

The cold rain soaked my clothes the moment I left the store. My large bags thumped against my thighs as I ran to my silver Chevy. I tried to quickly get my keys out of my purse, but I dropped them. I cursed aloud and snatched them off the ground. I yanked the creaky door open, threw the many bags onto the seat, quickly followed them, and slammed the door shut behind me. I sighed as I leaned my head against the headrest. I knew I shouldn’t have come to Target on a Saturday. The parking lot was packed and my Chevy sat closest to the highway. Well, I had to get to the Black Friday sale before it ended.

I shoved my keys into the ignition and started to slowly back out. I checked the clock on the dashboard, it read, 8:13 p.m. I still have an hour until I need to be at the party. My all-day shopping spree has worn me out. I need some food. I drove my truck to the exit and sped out to the right onto the highway. Ugh! It’s so hard to find a fast food place in Houma. I spotted a Taco Bell and pulled into the drive-thru.

“Hi, welcome to Taco Bell, what may I get you today?”

“Yeah, um, can I get a chicken quesadilla and a large Dr. Pepper?”

“Yes, that will be 8.52 in total, please drive to the next window.”

“Kay!” My stomach rumbled in urgency. I patted it and said “shh.” I nearly took the girl’s hand off as I grabbed my food. I grimaced guiltily at her and said, “So sorry, I’m just really hungry. Shopping Day.” She nodded and pointed to the heaps of shopping bags from numerous places that were next to me on the seat.

“Yeah, I figured. Here’s your drink. Have a nice day.”

“Kay.” I drove away while using one arm to pull the delicious smelling food from the evil plastic bag. Evil because it blocks me from my food.

It happened too fast. So fast, I didn’t know what was going on. At first I was crossing the highway, then there were really bright headlights right next to my window. Next thing I saw, my truck is laying on it’s side and there were glass shards everywhere. My head hurts so badly. I heard the sirens, I saw huge yellow eyes outside the broken window, staring straight at me, and then I slipped into a never ending darkness.

All I can see is blackness. It’s too dark. I know I’m walking but when I looked down, I couldn’t even see myself. I sat still, I could hear voices, so I listened intently.

“Look, it’s been two years, Laurie, I don’t think she’s coming back.” Laurie, that’s my mom, so that must be my father talking. What is my father doing in this darkness? Shouldn’t he be with his new family in California? My mom answered, she seems to be crying.

“John, she’s our daughter how can you say such things? She’s strong, I won’t give up.” A new voice, one I didn’t recognize, interrupted whatever my father was about to reply with.

“Excuse me, I am Mr. Heffer. Your daughter is a....special case. I’d like to take her to my facility and evaluate her further with better research and see if I may cure her.” Cure me? Who is this man? Whatever my mom said back, I don’t know, because sound slipped away again and I drifted even deeper into the darkness.

Feeling suddenly came into my toes, and started to spread. The darkness somehow became lighter. With a burst of drowsiness, I woke up on a bed I don’t recognize, in a room I don’t recognize.

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