The Wolf: The Spirit Awakens

By Alex de Freitas All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


Alex Wolfmen is a Teenager who has lost it all. At a young age he lost his parents. His family shut him out and left him alone in a small house. He walks through life alone. One encounter changes that. The new beautiful girl who joined his school starts to speak to him. His life changes. He acquires the power of the wolf spirit whom with the help of the other animal sprites protects time and different dimensions from people trying to cause mayhem.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Becoming

Golden flames bashed into the dark-cold black flames. The impact was a raging bull smashing into it’s surroundings.I was standing there.Shooting.It was my black flames versus his golden flames.It was a one versus one between two men.His eyes glowed with anger as my flames was towering over him. He was scared,so was i. How did this happen. How did it lead to this. Oh yeah , i remember. It was because this bastard was the cause for all my misery in my life. It all started long ago.

I was five years old. My parents called me Alex even though my full name was Alexander. One day my parents decided out of the blue to take me to a theme park, i was overfilled with so much joy that day but i didn’t realize then but what’s going to happen next will change my life forever. We took our crappy Vauxhall Astra which was yellow into the highway.I was jumping all over the backseat in the car. My mum was leaning her head out of her seat to stare at me. gigging. Suddenly, BAM!! Just like that i wake up to golden flames everywhere. The car was about to blow up. The flames was like the scorching sun on a hot summer’s day. The flames felt evil. The flames tips was sharp like it was made just to kill.Black. The next thing i remember is just black. I somehow survive this but my parents wasn’t so lucky.

For the next eight years of my life i was dead. I wasn’t living anymore. I was controlled by sadness and didn’t want to fight back. I went through most of school like that.One day after school, the school was pretty modern since it just open up couple years ago, i was walking home alone like i always did and i saw a women getting pushed around by three guys it looked bad. She was screaming like a canary loose from it’s cage.No one was around. I didn’t bother to help her. I just kept walking on, looking from a distance.School was no heaven for me. I wasn’t getting bullied but i wasn’t someone you bullied since to bully someone you have to realize that the person exist but no one realize that with me. Everyone kept their distance away from and i did the same . i never wanted friends so i didn’t care.I was always alone, at home , at school and in my heart.

“It’s time to wake up”

A unfamiliar voice appeared in my dreams and an image of a beast appeared. I woke up straight after that weird dream. I have no idea what the creature was or what he wanted.I felt a powerful presence after i woke up that day.

It was the day of the schools big field trip to the beach. Everyone was excited but me. usually i don’t go on trips and some part of me wished i didn’t go that day but i thought i could buy some thing that i could like. When i walked on the bus everyone’s faces was shocked, it made me want to kill every single one of them. I hear them saying ” Seriously he is coming” , “He never comes to field trips” , “Wow look at that the wild loner decides to join society finally”. I came on the crooked bus last so all the seats were taken. The new girl who join our class last week shouted at me

” Hey Alexander come sit next me”.

i walked and sat next to her since i had no other choice.

“Alexander i rarely see you with someone so i thought he might not have anyone to sit with and i am new so i don’t know a lot people yet so maybe”, she gasp like she just came up with an amazing idea, “we could become friends” , i stared at her coldly.

“Friends, No thank you”

“why...Alex , i can call you Alex right since Alexander is long to say”

I blushed and nervously said ” no one has called me that for very long time”

“My name is Jennifer Lalya” i didn’t want to say my name so i just tried to keep my voice quiet,

“My namee isss Alex Wolffmen, not nice to meet you”

“That was quite harsh Alex”

For the whole bus ride we talked like we been friends since we were born but it felt good to talk to someone for once.She was the first person in last eight years to try to reach out to me.

After the long journey to the beach, everyone jumped on the sand and start screaming like their life was ending but they didn’t know the true feeling of being dead. While everyone was off partying on the sand I decided to walk down the beach and find a isolated place. The teachers told us to stay in this small area like caged animals but i didn’t. I found this small spot under the pier. I sat their watching the tides comes in and out. “Hey.” A familiar voice came out of nowhere.It was Jennifer. I wanted to be alone I questioned her.

“Hey Jennifer , why are you here?”

“No reason , just wanted to see you”

“That’s a lousy excuse.”

I knew something was up. Her faces looked like she seen a ghost.

“Hey , what’s up?”

She walked in front of me and her sun-yellow dress blowing in the wind was very beautiful.A tainted tear came down her face and dropped as she stared into the sun. The sand was getting moist from her tears. She then came out and said , looking at me smiling, “Hey, what do you think? Parallel Worlds do their exist. Magical Spirits Animals whose supposed to protect the peace between this worlds. But of course they can not do it alone so they go inside humans and give them powers to protect that peace,” as she spoke she sounded hurt so much that i couldn’t bear to listen but i had to since she was trying so hard to tell me something , “ What if some of these humans use these powers for bad or even use the people who has these powers as test subjects.”

I didn’t know how to respond.

She was staring at me. I had to speak. “That sounds stupid , first of all why would these ‘Spirit animals’ chose these bad people and i am sorry that whole thing you just said sounded like a fairy tale.”

I know what i said was harsh and i regretted what i said and how i said as soon as i said. She started to walk away. Tears on her face was like a river. Her was voice was broken as she said “Yeah, you’re right” It was quiet so i barely heard what she said but it hit me like a truck. I hurt her. She needed me but i didn’t even tried to help her. She was reaching out to me but i didn’t reach back out! After she left, the beautiful beach sand which was safe-heaven for fun and laughter was destroyed. Everything went dark. The sun seemed to be dimmed and they sky seem to be darker than the night-sky.

I started crying. I didn’t know why.I just kept thinking , Why did talk to her like we knew each since we were born? Why was she crying. Why was she so beautiful and why was she ruining her face with those tears? Why do i have a feeling to protect her? Then suddenly I black out!

I woke up to loud shouting from a distance.Everyone was looking for me. I jumped up and headed towards them. They asked me where I was and I told them that I black out and they kept, asking me question but i couldn’t answers as I couldn’t stop looking at Jennifer. Three weeks gone by and all that time , I tried to say sorry to her but I couldn’t find the right time. At lunch time, i saw her sitting alone eating on the grass in the corner of the school where I usually eat my lunch. I didn’t want to disturb her so i watch from a distance. Sad, tained water fell on the ground, it came from her face. She was crying again. I approached her and pulled her into my arms.

I didn’t know why i did but I felt like i had to do it. She looked up and then started crying like a river. I held her in my arms. I told her that “everything will be alright” as she cried into my arms. She kept sobbing and crying for the whole of last period. It ditch class before so i am used to it but i didn’t know if she was but i didn’t want to tell her that the bell rang. I just wanted to hold her. She stopped and we sat on the grass staring into sky. The sky felt like eternal hell as i look upon it , i wondered what she saw that day .

We talked about everything beside from the story and what’s wrong with her.I didn’t as long as I was with her. She was my everything at that moment in time. While sitting there on the motionless, pale-green grass I figured out that I was in love with her. I know that I shouldn’t ask but I had to. I loved her so i need to know.

“Hey Jen, why was crying?”

“Ha, Because…..”


“Meet me at the Gate Field Nature Park that has loads of caves.”

As I slowly stood up and grabbed her hand to pull her up , I pulled her onto my lips.

She didn’t pull away. We were kissing. i told her that i will meet her there but i was scared since everyone was happy for once in my life and i thought so thing is going to happen.

The next Saturday was the day. The day I meet my girlfriend/friend, yeah i didn’t know what we was.

When I saw her at the gate of the park.I felt like my life has changed. She kissed me on the check then dragged me into the park. Her hand felt warm but cold.She didn’t speak. I didn’t either. We ended at this pitch black cave. She kissed me like this was our last time then pushed me into the cave.Once again , I blacked out. I woke up in the cave. My arms and legs hurted like hell. Suddenly as I get up. I used all my strength to pull myself up then it showed. The one she was talking about. A Spirit animal.

A Wolf. Scars across his gray face. His eyes glowed yellow like black cat in the darkness. The cave was blocked in. There was no way out. The Wolf approaches me.

“So you are the one , she picked”

I was so surprised that it could talk and started shouting.


“Uh, okay I guess you are my new master , okay , do you accept the power of the wolf , the power to protect or destroy your world”

“What! Wait! I can not do any of that.”

“Well , she picked you.”

“What ,Who did Jen! Where is she?”

“She is celestial spirit that was made to find our masters and then disappear but she is special since she wasn’t originally. She was a master of the lion spirit but was tortured and got her powers stolen from and become celestial spirit”

“What?...” I didn’t get time to finish my sentence as the Wolf started to charge right into me and went inside me.

I felt strange. I screamed my lungs out, out of fear. My hands started to move quicker than I could see with my eyes then a black flame combusted on my hand. Everyone was going hazzy and I started to run. I ran at the cave wall and I ran through it reaching to the other side.


The Wolf appeared out of nowhere and replied to me,

“No swearing”

“Hey wolfy thingy , what the hell happen.”

“I gave you my powers and now i am inside of you”

“What, i never asked for this.”

“Well deal with it now!”

The Wolf’s Face scared me to death so I decided to keep quiet and look for Jen.

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