Ana Chirila

Bucharest, Romania

Trying to be a writer.

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Firstly, sorry it took so long so finally review. I had time for 6 chapters only but believe me, I'll finish this one and the other one.

I was a bit put off at first because I'm not a big fan of first person point of view and I had to drag myself through it a bit but it worth it. I find the idea very good and original and the take you have on this crazy dictatorship over not only the social factor but also personal factor intrigued me. I am a dreamer so imagining a world without individuality is hard for me. I am curious how the characters will evolve and where the story will lead them to.

I think sometimes there is some cheesiness in the dialogue but that may also be because I am quite rigid as a person. But overall, it's pretty good and maybe a bit cliche at times but not enough to make me stop reading it. Congrats!

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