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Very Enjoyable

The best book I've read in awhile. And that's saying something ^^

The characters are all very real and thought-through, you feel their pain when they feel it, you cry when they do and that's AMAZING! I found myself rooting for some and booing others and then I found their choices and the way they handled problems to be in ways that fit who they are. A very good job of character creation was done here.

The plot. Oh the plot. I'm a hopeless romantic sap so don't mind me as I gush about how much a precious bean the main character was and how the writer flowed one problem into the other without much conflict (writing-wise) and kept up a good pace so everything, again, was very realistic! Just flawless! Plus, it combines everything that's good about a romance novel. A rich, snooty kid, the jock, the popular girl, exes, parents, enough humor to have me clutching my sides and so much more. I found it hard to tear my eyes away.

But there's just.. one thing that kind of makes me wilt on this a bit. I'm a biggggg sucker for grammar. When someone is near flawless, I LOVE them! And this author neaaarly was, Just nearly. But the mistakes that were made, be it from a faulty keyboard, spelling mistake, tense slipup, or lack of commas, the mistakes were almost too common. Enough to be noticeable and make me the slightest bit irritated.

That aside, this book, my god this book, is amazing. Perfect length and, while I'm not a fan of who the MC ended up with, I love it all the same.

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