Online Book Club

About this group

  • Enjoy reading new and exciting works, embrace the opportunity to share ideas and respect the opinions of other readers

  • Every month a new genre will be chosen and a choice of two or three books from that genre will be uploaded onto our social media accounts for you to vote on - whichever book shows to be the favourite will be read that month

  • Different goals will be set every month depending on how long the book is and once the goal has been achieved, we can then begin discussions (therefore, book discussion won't begin until the start of week 2)

  • If the chosen novel is entered into our free writing contest - in order to keep the contest fair and treat every author equally - the reads that have come directly from the book club will not affect the author's chances of winning

  • PLEASE remember to be respectful, supportive and helpful whilst giving feedback - sometimes it's hard to receive criticism on something you've worked so hard on so please bear this in mind before posting

  • Please be aware that if your comments are not respectful, supportive and helpful - your comment will be deleted without any prior notice

  • NO spoilers - please do not ruin the story for other readers, feel free to discuss whether you're enjoying the story or not but please wait until the goal deadline has arrived before you begin discussing plot-lines

  • When you have finished the novel, it'd be great if we could all leave the author a review

  • Make sure to join in with discussions to become a member and earn a Book Club Member badge on your profile


About Us:

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